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Golden Moments Golden Retrievers - Golden Retriever Breeder since 1996

Our latest litter has arrived!! Please contact us for further information. 

About Us


Golden Moments is a small hobby breeder with over 20 years of experience, located in Bucks County Pennsylvania. Pamela Hughes, owner, belongs to the Golden Retriever Club of America, Lenape Golden Retriever Club, & the Garden State Golden Retriever Club. Our adult goldens are all AKC registered and have clearances for hips, elbows, eyes and heart.  We take great pride in raising some of the healthiest puppies you can find.  Our puppies are raised in the kitchen of our home receiving lots of socialization with people of all ages to insure that you get a self assured, calm puppy to bring into your home. Our dogs and their puppies receive an all natural, organic raw diet consisting of a variety of meats, bones, fruits and veggies along with raw eggs and green tripe.  This diet has been researched and found to be the most biologically appropriate food for canines.

We invite you into our home to meet the puppies when they are about 2 weeks of age and we continue to welcome you and your family into our home.  This creates an atmosphere of mutual trust where you get to know us and visa versa.  We want to make sure that you are comfortable with every aspect of new puppy ownership so that we can let our babies go to your homes without reservation.  We want you to come to know us and see how much expertise and care we put into raising our puppies.

We clicker train each puppy to sit for treats and then will provide you with a clicker and the necessary training.  Then we tell you the secret to house training a new puppy in 3 days.  It is an absolute miracle how well the training equips a new puppy to "learn" the art of eliminating outside.

We give a health clearance on all puppies sold and they receive their first set of shots from our vet.  They come with a new puppy packet, a collar and samples of the food they are receiving.  We encourage you to feed the RAW way and will provide you with information on the diet.  We continue to be a resource to our puppy people for the life of the dog and we ask that you honor our right of first refusal.  This means that at any time in the dogs life, if you can no longer care for the dog or puppy, we will take them back and find them a new suitable home.  This way we insure that our dogs do not end up in shelters or rescues.


More about how we care for our dogs

Feeding your dog

As a registered nurse, I know how important nutrition is for our bodies and those of our beloved dogs.  We feed our dogs the raw diet or BARF, Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods.  Think about what nature intended for dogs to eat.  In the wild they would eat a rabbit, pheasant, or quail.  They would find nests and eat raw eggs and forage for greens and fruits.  This is what we do with our dogs.  We feed them venison, chicken backs, organ meats and lots of raw eggs and other "clean foods".  We do not insist that your dog eat this way but we give you lots of tools to decide on the healthiest way to feed your puppy/dog.

Socialization and clicker training

When the babies are born, we will call you and you can give us a definite yes or no and let us know if you would like a male or female puppy.  You are invited into our home to meet us and see how and where the puppies are born and socialized.  We follow the rule of 5's.  By the time a puppy is 5 weeks old they should have been on 5 different surfaces, met 5 different types of people, heard 5 different noises and had many new, gentle, life experiences.  This makes for a well - tempered dog and a very socialized puppy.  We have our neighbors in to visit with friends to further help socialize your puppy with children.  We clicker train the puppy for you beginning at 5 weeks of age and will provide you with a clicker to very easily housetrain your new puppy.  Selection of the puppy is based on the Wendy Volhard puppy aptitude testing done in our home.  Then we give you advice on which temperament is best suited for you and let you choose between those that are recomended for you.  We ask that you have a fenced in yard and a house as opposed to an apartment. 

Our Current information

We currently have litters in - house and puppies available for adoption!  Our females were bred to a very handsome male - Tetley.  All clearances are provided on request and copies are included with our puppy packet. Vet health clearances are provided along with AKC papers the day of pick up.


Call us directly -

at 215 630-0198

Or email us at -

for more information.  You may also scroll down to our contact box and leave us a message. Please include your phone number. We look forward to meeting you and your family !


A Dog's Life

Our latest litter has arrived. Contact us for further details!



Pamela Hughes

1432 Hidden Pond Drive

Yardley PA 19067


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